Wonderful West Cork

Sunset over Union Hall in West Cork Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way
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My trip began in Ireland, in West Cork (it’s… west of Cork City haha) in a town called Union Hall. It’s remote and very rural here: there are cows in the backyard that stare into the living room as we drink tea on the couch and fishing boats on the pier down the road.

There’s one shop (known universally as “the shop” since no further descriptor is needed), a little cafe, a fish shop and two and a half pubs, and about 160 full-time residents. Union Hall is nestled in the hills and flanked by the Atlantic Ocean.

So why did I start in such a remote place? My brother and his fiancée and two kids live here! It’s been wonderful to visit them and catch butterflies with my 5 year old nephew, and meet my 4 week old niece for the first time.

Solo female travel
Those backyard cows.

In a year-long solo journey, it’s been wonderful to start with my family around me.

For more West Cork beauty (and solo female travel inspiration), check out my instagram stories.

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