Santorini Solo Travel: A 5 Step Guide to Having Fun

Right now, I’m sitting in the middle of one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and I’m totally alone. Let’s be honest, Santorini solo travel could be really weird.

Santorini is not known as one of the best solo female travel destinations. But even when I’m traveling alone, I love super-romantic destinations and hotels.

This is not just because I love a good bathtub and for some reason, romantic hotels have that game on lockdown. But romance is also associated with coziness, charm, and decadence. All things I adore. Also lots of romantic places, like Greece, are great for solo female travelers.

If I avoided places like beautiful and historic Santorini, my Burgundy chateau, or Paris, all filled with honeymooners and the occasional and exciting people having affairs, my life would be less beautiful.

So what do I recommend for the solo traveler stranded on an island (literal, in my case, but sometimes metaphorical) full of couples taking pictures of themselves making out?

Here’s my 5-step guide.

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The Santorini solo travel survival plan

1. Make friends

While a place full of twosomes can seem like an unfriendly place, there are loads of very sociable couples who come out of hiding from their romantic lairs occasionally. After all, you can only spend so much time gazing into each other’s eyes.

Watching a beautiful sunset alone at a swank bar? Strike up a convo about how time-lapse photos work with the couple next to you and see if they’re feeing chatty (they were, and they were so lovely! Got a bunch of book recommendations).

Stay in a hostel like Bedspot (right in Fira, lots of bed options) or Caveland (a little farther out but in a gorgeous old winery) means making friends is even easier – just chat with whoever is in the next bunk about their plans for the day, and they might become your friends too!

Bond over becoming insta-famous with the friendly Australian girls on your catamaran cruise where you’re the only single person, and chat up the pair of friends from DC too, and the hilarious honeymooning couples. The free-flowing wine helps!

Solo female travel in santorini Greece
New friends!

There are several companies that offer boat cruises around Santorini, and it’s the best way to see the island from every angle while making friends!

2. Shamelessly people-watch

This is one of my all-time favorite activities, and it’s even better in famously romantic places. You would not believe how many couples get in wonderfully petty fights on the steps of Santorini or lost in the twisting Paris alleys.

As a single person in these places, you can often feel a little invisible. Use this to your advantage and get some free but priceless entertainment.

Find that cozy corner (I have a real thing about tucking into corners when I’m traveling alone, I feel like Harriet the Spy), order that coffee or glass of Assyrtiko, and just take it all in – the wandering cats greeting each other with a sniff, the woman having the world’s most extra photo shoot running along the sidewalk with her billowing scarf and her very patient photographer friend, the elderly Greek men gathered to spend three hours drinking one coffee each and clearly sharing the good gossip.

When there’s no one to distract you (except sometimes a friendly cat), you can take in everything around with a deep but light awareness. You get to know the rhythms of a place in a way you wouldn’t if you were one of those girls screaming woohoo at the future bride at the next bar. Hone those powers of silence and observation.

3. Treat your own damn self

Luxury, decadence, and pampering are not limited to the honeymooners. While a couple’s massage is out of the question, how else can you treat yourself well on your trip?

Buy that pricey catamaran cruise for yourself. Order room service and eat breakfast in your enormous, comfy bed. Drink that second glass of €7 wine before dinner just because the view is too good to leave. Go look at old stuff just because it’s there.

Go slow. Read in bed for three hours. Spend another three window shopping while eating gelato. Treat yo’self. This is one of the true beauties of traveling alone as a woman.

Santorini Greece blue seas and white buildings
Everything about Santorini solo travel is beautiful.

4. Lean into the solitude

That sulking couple I mentioned earlier fighting on the steps? They probably just planned a 150-person wedding and flew through the night to get to Santorini, where they spent a ton of cash and feel like they have to have the perfect honeymoon (and show all this on Instagram). Quelle stress.

But you? You’re free and footloose. No jet-lag induced arguments, no pressure, no rules. Do whatever you want, even if what you want would seem lame to another person (personally, my favorite is reading the new translation of the Odyssey in bed at 6:30 am when I have insomnia).

Throw yourself fully into that freedom. Into the inherent awkwardness too occasionally, but into the hours of the days that belong entirely to you.

5. Flirt. Shamelessly.

So you’re the only solo person on a sunset cruise in the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea, which is staffed by gorgeous people who want nothing more than to bring you spaghetti and wine.


In case you were wondering, my love language is pasta.

Those honeymooners and the young parents can’t smile winningly and guiltlessly at every beautiful person they see. You can. They’re everywhere and you’re relaxed and a couple glasses of wine in and warm from toasting in the rays of the strong Aegean sun all day – a recipe for feeling sexy and strong if there ever was one.

And you’re on vacation! You’re solo traveling in Santorini! This is precious and should not be wasted. Live your best life!

Solo in Santorini

Most people don’t think of Santorini as one of the best Greek islands for solo travelers. But you shouldn’t miss it just because you’re traveling alone.

If you skip going to places where you will be surrounded by couples, you’ll miss out on so much beauty. Don’t wait until you’re on your own honeymoon to see these beautiful places. Solo female travel in Santorini can be awkward, but the experience is worth it.

Just acknowledge those occasional awkward moments (and laugh at yourself a little), take in the scenery and people, and eat a waffle in bed.

You’re deserving of lovely moments when you’re solo, too.

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