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Welcome to my website! I’m a solo female traveler and digital nomad originally from the US, traveling the world full-time since 2018.

You’ll find plenty of travel inspiration in this blog: solo female travel tips, digital nomad guides and resources, and the best travel books too.


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  • Solo female traveler on the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

    The 5 Best Books to Read Before Going to Italy

    When planning a trip, my favorite way to prepare and get into the culture is by reading. It’s like a vacation before the vacation! So if you’re looking for the best books about Italy to read before you visit, you’re in luck – here are my top five favorites.   *As an Amazon Associate, I

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  • Solo female traveler in Chania, Crete in Greece on a rooftop over the sea

    What Being a Female Digital Nomad is Like

    Becoming a digital nomad is more and more common these days. And with the new rise of remote propelled by the pandemic, I’m predicting that many more people will join the ranks of those who work and travel abroad in the next year or two. I’ve been a digital nomad for more than two years

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  • How I Got Temporary Residency in Croatia as a Digital Nomad

    Getting temporary residency as a digital nomad in Croatia was no easy task – but it was worth it. Here’s what the process was like for me.

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