I Capture the Castle: Staying in a Burgundy Chateau

This is what dreams are made of: two nights in a beautiful 16th century chateau in the Burgundy countryside.

This has been a dream of mine since I read the wonderful I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. So I ponied up some credit card points from my Chase Sapphire Reserve and treated myself to two nights of luxury and history!

Chateau Sainte Sabine is tucked away in the Burgundy hills about 35 minutes from Dijon. It’s an intimate hotel, with only 22 rooms, and the service reflects that. I’ve never stayed somewhere with such friendly and attentive staff!

The chateau itself is lovely, and is perfectly preserved with just some touches for modern comfort (like the dreamy bathtub). And the grounds! They had a lake, beehives where they make their own honey, and a park with tame deer who will come chill on the hillside with you.

Cheese, please

Chateau Sainte Sabine also has a renowned restaurant, where I had two decadent dinners. The cheese cart alone has at least 20 different cheeses, and I had about 5 waiters at each meal and they were all so lovely.

At the end, they give you a little plate of tiny desserts and encourage you to take them up to your room. Eating a bite-sized chocolate tart in your enormous four-poster bed while wrapped in a fluffy white robe is an experience I recommend to everyone.

Romance for one

This place is hella romantic. Pretty much everyone else was a couple. But there’s something incredibly decadent about taking your own damn self on a romantic trip in the French countryside.

I felt like a glamorous creature of mystery tucked away at my perfect table for one in the chateau dining room, drinking champagne and writing in my notebook.

The next morning, I felt slightly less glam as I took what turned out to be a raw egg and cracked it open at the breakfast table (turns out you have to cook them yourself, which I then tried and also failed at. Life is tough before coffee sometimes). But then I just had another tiny, flaky croissant and all was well again.

Live your best life

So take a chance! Stay in that romantic place solo. Take that free bike on a whirl around the beautiful canals even if you’re a bit of a wobbly rider. Just watch out for those eggs.

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  1. Mary ODonnell

    Had the same experience with an egg in Italy !!

  2. WJODad

    You def captured the castle, K! Those pics are tres elegante.

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