The 9 Best Cafe Bars and Coffee in Split

Are you looking for the best cafes and coffee Split, Croatia has to offer? I’ve been living here part-time since 2020, and I’m a coffee addict, so I’ve got your complete guide to the best coffee and cafes in Split right here. 

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The Best Coffee in Split 

If high-quality coffee is what you want, here’s exactly where you should head in Split. 

D16 Coffee 

A classic for a reason, D16 is a speciality coffee cafe in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace and also a hotspot for Split digital nomads. They have really great coffee, cozy tables for working, and they even have cold brew and which is pretty hard to find. 

Their iced lattes have fueled my work (and my beach trips) many times in the summer, which is essential because if you’re looking for iced coffee Split makes it pretty hard (Croatians just aren’t that into it even though the summers get quite hot). And there’s no smoking indoors here, which is rare and lovely. 

Interior view of D16 Coffee Split on a spring day.
The cute interior of D16 in Split.

Soul Coffee

Tucked into the outer wall of the palace is a little coffee window called 4 Coffee – no seating, no frills, just really terrific coffee. Duje also makes a wonderful iced coffee for those hungover hot days when you really need one on the go. 


Just outside of the old town is Kava2, which has arguably the best coffee in Split. They also have delicious croissants for snacking, and a lovely shaded terrace to sit for hours and sip your coffee in the classic Dalmation way. It’s a quiet coffee shop in Split outside the tourist crowds, which I love in the busy summers here. 

The Best Split Cafes with a View

If you’re more into the view from your cafe terrace than getting the perfect cup, these cafes deliver solid coffee in Split with beautiful sea and sunset views. 


Basta isn’t a classic cafe bar – they actually have a full food menu and good pizza. But I come for the up-close harbor view and watch the big yachts pulling in during the summer season. 

This is also my favorite Split cafe to work from as a digital nomad, because they have a section with tables of the perfect height and sea views with shade. Plus they make a pretty good macchiato to fuel my writing, and the prices are lower than when you’re directly on the Riva. Plus, no smoking indoors here!

Teraca Bamba 

Tereca Bamba is what I consider the best cafe in Split – I practically live here. They are tucked away in Varoš but have a great sea view, especially for watching the sunset in Split. Their coffee is solid, their beers are cold, and their house wine used to be €1.20 per glass (now up to €1.60 thanks to inflation!). 

They have heat lamps and blankets for chilly weather, and get a breeze on those stifling hot summer days, so it’s a good choice for a Split sunset spot no matter when you come to Croatia

Teraca Vidilica 

If you want a workout to wake you up before you get your coffee, the climb up the Marjan stairs to Vidilica is worth it. You can look out over all of Split with Marjan Park at your back, feeling the fresh breeze and staring at the clear blue sea, while you sip a cappuccino. 

The (incredible) view of Split from Vidilica.

The Best Cafe Bars in Split

In Croatia, most cafes are also bars – hence the term caffe bar. That means you can get a coffee all day, and drinks all night (and in the day too, if that’s how you roll). In fact, when someone in Split asks if you want to go get a coffee, they don’t literally mean coffee – it’s just a beverage of some kind. 

These are my 3 best cafes in Split for those times when you’re not sure if you want a sparkling water or a glass (or four) of wine, but you know you want to sit, hang out, and feel the vibes for a while. 


Paradiso is between the old town and Varoš, so it’s very central for meeting friends. It’s cozy inside in the winter, with a shady terrace outside in the summer. Their coffee is pretty good and the atmosphere is just ideal for a long, chill catchup with friends. 


In the center of the palace, this cute cafe serves good coffee but also specializes in gin drinks. It’s very cute, central and their g&ts are delicious. In the daytime it’s a good cafe for working, and at night it’s chill and cozy to have a few cocktails. 


If you’re looking for a vibe that’s less about chilling and more about partying, and you want to meet other digital nomads and expats, Sanctuary is the bar in Split where you need to be. It’s also located in the palace, down the street from the famous Charlie’s Bar, and is always a good time. And they’ve added Mexican food to the menu too!

Caffe Bar Etiquette and Tips in Croatia 

  • Don’t wait to be seated – just grab an empty table and sit. On a nice day at the cafes on the Split Riva, this becomes a blood sport. 
  • You can order one drink and hang out as long as you like – it’s the Mediterranean way. As a tip, typically you round up or leave a euro if you’re feeling generous. 
  • Smoking is allowed indoors at cafes in Croatia as long as they don’t serve food, so you will probably leave most of these places smelling like an ashtray if you sit inside. That’s the Balkan way. Trust me, you get used to it. 
  • Unless you go to a high-end speciality coffee shop, you’re not going to have plant milk options for your coffee in Split. It’s full-fat cow milk or nothing in your coffee in Croatia!
  • I tend to stay away from fancy coffee drinks and cocktails unless I’m at a place that specializes in those (the Daltonist is where I go when I need a cocktail fix). Ordering a latte or a Manhattan at most places is setting yourself up for disappointment. I stick with a hot coffee with milk (a velika stoplin), a macchiato, or espresso at most places for coffee in Split. 

Looking for more recommendations for your trip to Split? I’ve got you:

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