Being Sober in Southeast Asia

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I spent three months in the party paradise that is Southeast Asia – nights in squeaky metal bunks in party hostels, days in riverside cafes full of backpackers downing cold Changs or Bintangs in the humid heat. It seemed like almost every backpacker I met was eager to talk about how drunk they’d gotten last night, and how drunk they were planning to get tonight – afloat in a sea of hangovers and planned debauchery.

And I did it sober.

Why attempt such a thing in the heart of the hard-drinking backpacker paradise? For my health, physical and mental, for my safety in a far-off part of the world, for a way to see what else is out there.

Instead of spending my time in greasy hostel bars, I went to early-morning yoga classes in beachside shalas. I spent my money on head massages instead of cocktails. And I found a new sense of peace.

You can read all about it at Intrepid Times, where I was recently published for writing about my time spent sober in Southeast Asia.

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