Ma Grandmére! Enjoying Paris Together

Grandma in a Paris cafe
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Grandma is here in Paris with me! A seasoned world traveler who has been to all seven continents and in some very serious style (my grandfather was an international exec for Xerox in its heyday, so you can imagine the scale they got to travel on), Paris is one of her favorite cities. She of course had to come join me for a week while I’m here.

Lots of people were surprised to hear that my 83 year old grandmother was flying across the ocean by herself. But if you know her, it’s not surprising at all. She’s confident and independent and loves traveling. We should all be the same way at any age.

We did have a mishap because her checked bag got lost for 3 days. And getting it back was exciting: the luggage people yelled at us and hung up on us. I had to go get a french SIM card to be able to call them. (And then I still couldn’t call them.) But all’s well as it was delivered today by our fairy godmother, a very burly but smiling man.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Musée Jacquemart-Andrés (one of my favorite little museums of Paris) and then to the Ritz for a drink. For all the glam traveling she’s done, she’s never been to the Ritz in Paris. Quelle dommage. So we’re toasting to being ladies of leisure in Paris! ?

And we’re also probably sneaking out some sugar packets – my grandma is a family legend for petty smuggling. She once smuggled a whole ham to the Caribbean so we could have a proper Easter dinner on our sailing vacation, so just pocketing some sugar is her behaving quite well. And maybe a little bread too – she carries a big purse for a tiny lady.

Grandma stealing sugar packets from a cafe in Paris
Caught in the act!

In these times, what America needs is more feisty, rule-breaking women. And she’s my favorite one.

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  1. Trish O Mahony

    Hi Kathleen ,
    I am enjoying following your travels !! Lovely to see you with your Grandma she is wonderful . Enjoy every minute .Trish

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