The 7 Best Beaches in Split, Croatia – And 1 You Can Skip

Looking for the best beaches in Split, Croatia to visit while you’re in town? I’m a Split beach lover myself – and living here for nearly two years, I’ve been to them all many times. Here are the best beaches Split has to offer for your upcoming Croatia travels, plus one you can skip. 

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The 7 Best Split, Croatia Beaches

1. Kašjuni Beach 

This is my all-time favorite: the best beach Split has. It’s just so stunning. 

A summer day at Kašjuni Beach, the best beach in Split Croatia, with sparkling blue water.
Natural beauty and a great beach bar just outside of Split.

Kašjuni is a little farther outside of Split than the other beaches I’ll recommend, but it’s worth the journey. You can walk here but half the walk is on a small, windy road with fast drivers and no sidewalk, so I don’t recommend that. Instead, take a cheap Uber ride and arrive in 5 minutes, or take the #12 bus from the center. 

Kašjuni Beach is lovely enough on its own, but if you want a more full-service experience, you can also set up at Joe’s Beach Bar. It’s not cheap, but the beach beds are comfy, the rosé and strawberry daiquiris are cold, and it’s a great way to treat yourself on your holiday. It’s the best sunset beach Split has as well—definitely worth staying around for.

If you’re feeling daring, you can head to the nude beach on the far end (just head towards the land side of the beach). 

2. Ježinac Beach 

Ježinac Beach in Split, Croatia at sunset best beaches in Split
Convenient beauty – and this is a great sunset beach in Split too.

Ježinac is the beach I go to the most, by far. It’s a beautiful 30 minute stroll from town alongside the sea and through a marina, and it’s a very popular beach with the locals. It has kind of a chill party vibe in the summer, though it does get a bit crowded. 

It’s pebbly (of course) but pretty, the sea is calm but deep so you can hop right in, and there’s a beach bar with cold Pan beers at the ready for when your dip is done. Heaven. I practically live here in the spring and summer (and fall, let’s be real). 

3. Žjnan Beach

Zjnan is also a little farther out, but you can easily walk here from old town in about 45 minutes along a beautiful seaside pedestrian path. It’s big, less crowded, and you feel you’ve escaped Split a bit. 

Zjnan is also popular because it has several fun beach bars, so if you’re into that scene you’ll have a couple of good choices out here as well as some more chill cafes. 

4. Trstenik Beach

This beach is the one right before Zjnan, and it’s also lovely and well-maintained (pebbly again of course). It’s also deep and calm, and popular with locals.

It has less of a vibe though so I tend not to head here as much, unless it’s to watch the sunrise in Split after a night out – it’s perfect for that. There’s no cafe here so be sure to bring your own food and drinks.

5. Firule Beach 

Firule Beach is the best beach in Split for families. It's also one of two sandy beaches in Split.
The view from Firule Beach is great – as is the Hajduk decor on the small pier.

Firule is one of the two sandy beaches in Split, and it’s the only one I would recommend. The sand is pretty gritty, which I dislike, and the beach is usually rammed with families with lots of children, which is also not my scene. 

But if you have kids and want them to have fun, run around safely, and be in shallow water, this is the best Split beach for families. It’s super popular with locals with kids for that reason too. 

Firule also has several lovely cafes directly above it, which I highly recommend any time of year. Tennis and Dvor both have great views and a fun vibe. And if you’re looking for a beach to watch the sunset Firule and its cafes have wonderful views.

6. Ovčice Beach

Ovčice Beach at sunrise in winter, which is one of the top beaches in Split, Croatia
Beautiful even in winter – but of course more crowded in summer!

This beach is also quite close to town – it’s just past Bačvice, which we’ll discuss below. But it’s less crowded and has clean pebbles instead of dirty sand, so I really prefer it. And it has a lovely cafe right there (cash only) so you can grab beers or coffee before, during, or after your beach visit. 

It does have a lot of sea urchins, which is pretty common on Croatian beaches, so watch out for those. If you’re wondering where to watch the sunrise in Split, as the picture above shows, Ovčice is a great choice.

7. Bene Beach

Sunset over Kaštelet and Jezenac Split Croatia beaches on the Adriatic Sea

Want to go fully local? This beach is on the other side of Marjan Park, not near the others on this list, so it’s off the radar of tourists. The water is a little murky but it’s clean, just sandy. This beach is popular with families too, and it has a couple small cafes with lovely views. 

If you’re looking for a quiet beach in Split, this is a great option. I also love stopping by the cafes after a brisk walk in Marjan any time of year. 

Beaches to Skip in Split 

Bačvice Beach

This beach is a very short walk from the old town, and is surrounded by hotels and clubs, so it’s quite well-known. And if you’re looking for sandy beaches in Split, yes, this one technically has sand. But it’s really a mixture of sand and dirt – ew. 

Plus it’s packed with people all summer long, and it’s so shallow you need to walk a ways out to actually swim. Not my favorite. Why go here when you can go 5 minutes further to the best beaches near Split?

What to Bring to the Beach in Split 

The essentials for your beach trip in Split are pretty basic – but there’s one you might forget. 

  • Definitely bring sunscreen and a hat, as the sun is super strong even in spring and fall. 
  • There is at a cafe at most of the beaches listed, so you can grab water/beers there when you arrive if you forget. I do usually bring a sandwich or a burek from a bakery as some of them don’t have food, and the ones that do charge a lot. 
  • A towel is helpful, and I also like to bring a cheap beach mat I bought in town because the pebbles hurt after a while. It’s not needed but it makes a long beach day comfy. 
  • Also, there are almost no sandy beaches in Croatia but there are plenty of spiky sea urchins, so I highly recommend putting a pair of water shoes/sandals on your Croatia packing list. 

And of course, heading to one of the best Split beaches isn’t the only way to get out on the water here. If you want a whole day on the sea and a party, you can’t go wrong with a boat tour!

I hope this helps you to have an amazing time on one or more of these Split Croatia beaches – get your towel and get a tan, and have a great time.

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